ESKA 2018 Dinner & Dance 

The 2018 D&D was well attended by the St Albans family as awards were given for 

  • Instructor - Matt
  • Shodan - Simren, Matt & Neil
  • Nidan - Ian

Dan Grading - Nov 2018

ESKA 2018 Championships

WOW!! What a showing and WHAT a performance!!


Massive shout out goes to EVERYONE that took part !!


The numbers ....


  • 239 entered the competition who between them took part in 374 events!
  • St A's entered 27 competitors and finished in 4th place in the medals table
  • St A's finished in 4th place for individual medals
  • St A's finished in 1st place for Team Kata 
  • One of team won the TEAM KATA then camly walked over to the other side of the dojo to win the Cadet Freestyle !!


Dan Grades - Nov 17

We're all VERY proud of everyone who took part in the DAN grading in Bedford Saturday 11th November


Our new Shodan grades........


- Neil Fisher (Left)

- Matthew Steggles (Centre)


Dan Grades - Apr 17

Saturday 29th April: We're extremely proud of the hard work and dedication shown by our latest Dan grades. Congratulations go to .......



Shodan                              - Sandy Sahota

Intermediate Dan            - Neil Fisher




Shodan                              - Kate Bridle, Georgina Harris & Kit Macdonagh


St Albans Events

Junior Christmas Party <TBC>

Christmas Dinner <TBC>

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Sunday 24th March 

Sunday 23rd June 

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Green Belts & above @11am

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