Dojo Kun

The purpose of the Dojo Kun is to remind all Karateka, regardless of their rank, that the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of their karate training must also extend beyond the dojo's walls i.e., in order to derive the true benefits of Shotokan karate-do, each Karateka must take the underlying principals of this art form and make them a part of their daily life


Strive to perfect character
Defend the paths of truth
Foster the spirit of effort
Honour the rules of etiquette
Guard against rash courage


The Japanese word 'kihon' is translated as 'basic' and so naturally kihon training is the most basic form of karate training. Kihon consists of repeating individual techniques (or short sequences of techniques) many times, forward and backwards and on the left and right side. These individual techniques are the building blocks on which the rest of karate is built.




The translation of the Japanese word 'kata' is 'form'. A kata (or a form) consists of a predefined sequence of karate defences and attacks (about 20 to 60 in number), against a number of imaginary opponents (between about 8 and 20). Within the Shotokan style of karate there are 26 different katas which are learnt throughout your training. Only twelve of the katas are learnt before you reach black belt, and the remaining 14 are learnt after black belt as you progress through the different levels of black belt (Dan) grades.

Although a kata consists of a predetermined sequence of techniques, against imaginary opponents, it is not merely a dance routine.




The translation of the Japanese word 'kumite' is 'sparring' and so naturally kumite training is sparring (or fighting). Karate sparring can come in many forms, but they all have one important thing in common, all sparring is carried out against a real opponents (unlike Kihon and Kata where the opponents are imaginary). For this reason kumite is commonly the most competitive of the 3 main training methods.



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