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ESKA and St Albans Karate club are deeply saddened by the loss of Sensei Nursey, 9th Dan. As Chief Instructor and co-founder of ESKA, he will be missed by all who trained and graded under him.

Founded in 1991, St Albans Karate Club has welcomed students of all ages and abilities for 30 years. We are a member of the English Shotokan Karate Association, ESKA, led by Sensei Nursey, 9th Dan, and is one of the largest karate associations in the UK. Under Sensei Graeme Main, 6th Dan, and Sensei Jo Alexander, 4th Dan, the club focuses on traditional Shotokan Karate. Our club is completely run by volunteers, and is non-profit with all training fees being invested back into the club.

Two classes per week - Tues & Sat
Pay as you train - No Contract
Sociable, family friendly atmosphere

Why Join?

Originating from Japan, Karate is rich in history and at our club we continue its traditions. Along with learning a traditional martial art, Karate is also great for improving focus, fitness, self-discipline and self defence. The club has a friendly, family oriented atmosphere, with students and instructors egar to support each other in achieving their goals.

'They are a group of very friendly people, who are always there to help you and share achievements'
~ Isobel

More student testomionials can be read here

When first joining our club, there are a number of paths you may follow depening on:

  • You are a beginner...
    As a new student, your first few months will be focussed on kihon, learning basic techniques such as punches and blocks and your first kata. As you gain confidence and skill, your first grading will let you earn your first belt by demonstrating your knowledge. As you progress through our grades, pair work, combinations and kumite are introduced.
  • You have done Shotokan before...
    As an experienced student, our instructors will assess you on an individual basis. Typically, Shotokan students from other associations can keep their grade. All ESKA members are welcome, anytime.
  • You have done another martial art...
    Coming from another martial art, you may find many things similar, and some things not so similar. Our instructors will work closely with you during your first sessions to assess your ability, and the level of lesson suited for you.

You can find out more about our club including training times, location and instructors here.

The first session is free, so come and try our club with no upfront cost or commitment. Please contact us to arrange your taster session.


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